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Contest (Why Not?)

2010-11-20 20:40:36 by jackson-buckwheat

More than a few have expressed interest in creating a sequel to Zombie Takeout. I had my own plans but am willing to hand the project over to a worthy successor! So here's how this will work:

1) Submit a short MOVIE featuring Jared (the original's protagonist) escaping from his predicament at the end of the first game. ie, create and upload your vision for the OPENING SCENE of Zombie Takeout II. Be inventive and have fun with this. All I want to see is a distinctive style.
2) Leave a comment under this post with a link to your portal submission.
3) Send a detailed message to my inbox with thoughts and plans for the storyline, mechanics, etc... if you want to continue my work, prove to me that you can make it your own!

January 30th, 2011.

Zombie Takeout 2

2009-12-16 16:05:29 by jackson-buckwheat

Only because I continue getting messages inquiring when, if ever, Zombie Takeout 2 will be uploaded, I would like to officially announce that the answer is never. I'm very sorry, but over the past year I have abandoned working in Flash completely, and the ideas I had outlined for this sequel were far too ambitious to begin with. Just know that Jared is resourceful and, with or without your help, regardless of whether or not he makes it to the helicopter in time, he will, indeed, survive.


2008-06-12 21:18:26 by jackson-buckwheat

It's out. Right now. And it took me about a year because of school. I can't make full sentences. But I'm happy. GO WATCH IT.


2008-02-02 21:22:09 by jackson-buckwheat

I've noticed that two of my games (Postman Panik and Zombie Takeout) have been widely distributed onto other Flash game sites without my permission. I have only ever given a single website (other than, where I always submit) permission to use one of my games. If you want to use my game on your website, please contact me. I will most likely say yes, but I am definitely NOT OKAY with people using my games without permission..... YA TRICK YA!!!

Zombie Takeout II

2007-11-04 00:42:06 by jackson-buckwheat

Due to generally positive feedback and want of a sequel, I've gotten pumped about Zombie Takeout again, and I think that right after I finish my upcoming movie, I'm going to start on Zombie Takeout II. I'm going to start completely from scratch on it, so there will be a few new systems. Most notably:

1. Movement-It will be WASD instead of just clicking arrows for sure.

2. Dialogue- No plans on voice acting, buy I will make all the character animations much more lively, so you're not just moving around a world of pictures. And no clicking on blue arrows for dialogue anymore. If you don't pay attention, you might miss something.

3. Action segments- Most of the game will be, like the original, about strategy. It's currently a little vague in my mind, but I want to have specific points in the story where you will be timed to do a puzzle or have to fight somebody or something like that, and strategy will go out the window for a moment or two.

Well, that's all for now. I'm trying to finish my current project, a movie called Cloudwatchers, as soon as possible. I think I'm more than half way through it.

next project

2007-08-19 01:24:56 by jackson-buckwheat

in case anyone ever looks at my page, i just wanted to say that my next submission will be my first straight up movie and not a game. should be out in afew weeks


2007-07-21 02:48:28 by jackson-buckwheat

wow dude the new layout will take some time to get used to. i'm not sure if i like it yet.