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extremely original style. i liked the story too, but i think you should have ended with the scene before the fire (not to give too much away). but the greatest thing about this movie is the originality.

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dont bash

people will blam this just cuz they like tankmen. but i actually thought it was kinda funny.


you did this for school? what school do you go to?

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Though this is much more smooth and stylish than I could possibly manage back when I made the game in 8th grade, I can't help but note the similarities between this entry and "Postman Panik," one of my very first efforts in Flash. Well done, but I'm just dying to know if the nearly identical design is a coincidence. Here's a link:

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /305653

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loulubie responds:

I can assure you that we didn't know "Postman Panic" even existed...
As said in the comment, we were asked to build this game in a very short time for our studies, and we had to make it an advert game for a big company. As it was just an exercise, we got it back later and decided to change the sounds and graphs so that it would fit a larger public without advertizing anything.
So the gameplay was built from nowhere and was (or at least we thought so) completely original!

This does not stand alone

The options were endless, but usually people want this at the start of a game. In and of itself, this isn't entertaining enough.

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Brilliant effort, my friend. This is one of the most inspiring and original submissions I have ever encountered. Makes me want to work in Flash again, and I mean that. Bravo.

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i'm sorry man, ur other stuff is great, but singing isn't for everybody. please stick to non vocal so i don't die of laughter. effort was good, singing talent was not

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EsMatiCSounDs responds:

lol xD. first of all that was ment to be funny as hell. second of all i do actully do have a great singing voice, kinda har to hear in this song sins it wasnt the point of it all(to sing good). thx for the review ;D

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